Events 2017

Feb 12th - Water Divining and Avebury's Secrets
Cardiff Dowsers

Feb 24th - The Fae and the Celtic Heart with Cara St. Louis and Maria Wheatley
Steiner House, London 25 Park Road, Fitzrovia, London, NW1 6XT

Mar 2nd - Talk on Stanton Drew and Stoney Littleton
7 - 9 pm at Spiritual Pathways Somers Close Community Hall, Winchester, SO22 4EJ
exploring the Divine Feminine Energies of Stanton Drew, which contains the second largest stone circle in the world. The three stone circles that make up this complex are dedicated to the Moon, Earth and Venus. We will explore the diverse ley and earth energies as well as the heat energies that are emitted by the Stones. Stoney Littleton is one of Somerset's finest long barrows and we will discover the healing frequencies that make this a sacred temple space

March 4-5th - UFO Awakening Conference Earth Mysteries, Elongated Skulls and Ley Lines Erich Von Daniken, Linda Moulten Howe and many other top authors will be speaking at this exciting conference.
Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester

April 18th - Elongated Skull and their sacred sites in Wessex
7.30 pm at Avalon Rooms, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury Experience

May 4th - Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge - the energies they were looking for...
Dorset Earth Mysteries Group Stapehill Village Hall, 224 Wimbourne Road West, Stapehill, Wimbourne, BH21 2DY

May 14th - Megalithic Odyssey Symposium Conference Sacred Sites From Sardinia to Stonehenge
Kennedy Lecture Hall U.C.L. Building (Institute of Child Health), 30 Guildford St, London, WC1 1EH

May 19th - The Elongated Skulls and Divining the land for the ancestors old
7.30 pm The Bristol Dowsers The Theosophical Society, 14 Tyndalls Park Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1PY

June 17th - Ley Hunters Moot
Pembrokeshire, Wales
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