Learning vacations and holidays specialised certificated courses

Catering for personal tuition and small groups to guarantee excellent learning, providing you with the professional skills you need.

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If you are planning to visit the UK, or you are simply visiting the Avebury area, and would like to gain a professional qualification during your vacation then the Avebury School of Esoteric studies, founded by Maria Wheatley, can provide you with professional tuition and excellent course material.

I am offering certificated courses in the following subjects which are especially adapted for visiting students, their learning needs and educational requirements.

Two day dowsing workshop in Professional Dowsing covering earth energies, sacred water, inharmonious water lines, grid lines, ley lines and geodetic energies.

Two day dowsing workshops in Professional Dowsing Harmonising the Home: healing earth energies, harmonising grid lines, cleansing energies and creating a positive environment.

Two day workshop The Master Practitioner of Dowsing covering major grid systems, geodetic earth energies and celestial affects upon geodetic energies, high frequency colour dowsing and learning about the colours emitted by leys and earth energies.

Two day workshop in Tarot card reading and Esoteric Soul Readings Please look at the Tarot page for details.

Two day workshop in Past Life Regression with Maria Wheatley or Stephanie Bell

Two day course in Soul Star Astrology turning the astrological birth chart into a six pointed star which reveals the spiritual heritage, past lives and karmic gifts that we have accumulated over many lifetimes.

Maria has been a professional tutor for over 20 years. Maria spent 15 years working for Swindon College, Wiltshire Educational Authority, as a tutor teaching esoteric subjects including: reflexology, past life regression, astrology, Feng Shui. tarot and dowsing. She has written diploma courses of the BSY Group and is now focusing on her own esoteric school.

Maria is considered a leading authority on geodetic earth energetic and dowsing.