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Maria has been house ‘clearing’ for half of her life. She believes that moving Gaia’s energy lines, such as leys, is not harmonious, as Gaia knows where here energy lines should flow. After all our One Mother is 4 billion years old with immense wisdom. Maria communicates with the land and the home to understand the energies and works with them by simply raising the harmonic signature and colour of the line or earth flow within the home. She never ‘clears’ – but works with the energy, she never ‘clears’ the land fully as some animals and insects need energy that may not be harmonious to humans. By raising the colour frequency, the energies become more benign. Maria also interprets how each household member is influenced by Gaia’s energy. Love the land you live upon and live in harmony with Gaia. Email for more details regarding your home.


Maria has also developed an astrological system to discover your past lives and spiritual heritage. Druidic Soul Star astrology Reading £48.50

Druidic soul star astrology

Maria Wheatley lives close to the Avebury stone circle in the ancient county of Wessex. For over 21years Maria has been teaching astrology, dowsing, reflexology and past life regression for Swindon College and private colleges in Southern England. Since 2011 Maria has combined her astrological understanding with her past life regression skills and pioneered Druidic Soul Star astrology.
Druidic Soul Star astrology is an exciting branch of astrology, which offers a gentle way to access information about past lives without the need for regression. Some people find the idea of past life regression too intrusive and shy away from it. Although past life regression can offer direct understanding of past lives, it isn't for everyone, Druidic Soul Star astrology is. However, the Druidic Soul Star chart is also a great working tool that assists past life regression offering another window into the timeless evolution of the Soul.

The Simplicity of the Soul Star

Druidic Soul Star astrology gives a fascinating insight into your past lives and a unique opportunity to work with the light of the Soul. The Druidic Soul Star chart is a spiritual map that describes karmic influences and past experiences. However, instead of using a traditional astrological chart, a six-pointed interlacing star is used and the positions of the planets at the time of your birth are placed within the star. This branch of the astrological tree unites the distant past with the present day

The Interlacing Star

The interlacing Six-pointed Star consists of two triangles. One-triangle points upwards towards the heavens. This is the Soul Star triangle, which connects you to Source, symbolises your soul, your highest values, hidden talents and karmic rewards. The downward pointing triangle – the Earth Star triangle - represents your personality in this incarnation and connects you to the Earth. It describes in detail your past lives and the karmic traits which are currently influencing your life. When the first breath was drawn the Soul and Earth Star triangles entwined symbolising the divine union of the personality and the Soul.

Celestial Guidance

The planet’s positions within the six-pointed star can reveal the imagery of the karma. Explain how karma unconsciously affects our lives and make known any karmic rewards, debts, past fears or future aspirations. The planets are great teachers offering us guidance and a deep awareness of who we are and what makes us tick. More importantly, they show us how to embrace and heal karmic issues and develop spiritually.
Places where you have lived before

Have you ever experienced déjà vu or felt spiritually connected to a place you have never visited? Druidic Soul Star can describe the places where you have lived in previous lives. The planets and their zodiac placements can REVEAL specific countries or cities where exceptionally strong past life connections have occurred and these places are where you would experience déjà vu or resonate with. Certain planetary positions can describe legendary locations. One of Neptune’s esoteric placements indicates a past life that was intimately associated with the lost continent of Atlantis. Neptune can also reveal fear of water and confined spaces due to drowning and imprisonment.

Druidic Soul Star astrology is a practical spiritual tool. It gives a deep understanding of who you are whilst gently arousing soul memories of who you were and who you can become, as time is circular rather than liner and the Soul immortal.

You will enjoy discovering aspects of your past lives as you journey through the mists of time. Certainly, there will be joyful surprises as you become conscious of your karmic rewards and latent gifts, some of which may have lied dormant for centuries. Embrace your past and never forget that you are a beautiful light being and a spark of the Divine.

Karmic triggers

By comparing the positions of the planets today to where they were located at the time of birth gives important information. For instance, a conjunction (when a transiting planet moving though the heavens lies within a few degrees of a planet in your birth chart) you can expect karmic activation! The conjunction acts as a trigger reawakening soul lessons. When this occurs we can work through the teaching the planets are giving.


Over the years that I have worked with Soul Star Astrology, many clients have gained positive insight into their own lives and lives that they lived before this one by simply mediating on the star. Others place the Star under their pillow and gain access to their soul wisdom via dreams and the Spiritual Mind.

Working with past life regression

I use the Soul Star Astrology as an integral part of my past life therapy and regression. During the regression (or after) I ask the Soul of the client for an insight into past mistakes and to give healing. We often receive a message from the Soul and this is Soul attunement. Often a simple sentence comes forth, such as “I will learn to forgive those that have hurt me”. Although to the average reader this may appear trivial, to the client it bought immense awareness and deep understanding.

Soul teachings

Older souls often give teachings during the attunemnt. For instance, teachings regarding geometric shapes and patterns that underpin the plant kingdom were given to a client who in this life was a landscape designer. We ere told that certain plants attuned to certain patterns and if placed in an inappropriate pattern despite the rich soil the plant would never grow or reach its full potential.

I have worked with Soul Star Attunement for around 10 years and have developed and advanced this branch of past life therapy. By using the star and communicating with the Soul healing occurs. Interestingly, people often attend a regression when the Soul Star chart is being activated. My heart knows this form of past life therapy is progressive and is the gentle way forward.


‘I came to Maria for a regression and she suggested a Soul Star Chart as well and so I thought why not! It turned out the chart was being activated and bringing to the surface all sorts of stuff that I was experiencing and hang ups. During the regression this was healed and I got a soul message – I couldn’t believe it – it was like the inner-me knew why I was blocking things in my life – being spoken to by your soul is a profound experience and one that I would recommend.” Janet B London.

‘I’d had other regressions before and decided upon Maria to regress me again as I met her on a dowsing workshop. She does things differently and I was pleasantly surprised! I had my Soul Star chart drawn up and I got a great deal from it and when she spoke about what the soul wanted I realised I knew all this stuff! I then began talking about the real goals in my incarnation and it matched what she was about to say and had written down! My soul message was short and sharp but I don’t want to share it on the net. It made me think and change old habits! Jackie, Weymouth.

‘Soul Star is different to ordinary astrology, it just is. I decided I wanted it after the regression session. In regression I began to talk about my lives and problems caused by them. The chart showed this in detail and it still hangs on my hall wall reminding me of the positive things I have the experiences I’ve had before.’ Peter, Devizes.


For your Soul Chart to be calculated I need your date, time and place of birth – simply email me your details. I offer one-hour Skype readings. You will also receive a 6 month astrological forecast.

Druidic Soul Star astrology Reading £48.50